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Friends of Interstate Park and Straight Lake Park

Supporting our Local Natural Resources

Our Mission

Friends of Interstate Park is a non-profit organization established to support the park's naturalist program in its efforts to increase public awareness and appreciation of the park's natural and cultural history.

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Dark Water

Foraging through steep-walled bluffs … deep valleys rising to tree-covered heights … serene forests, lush meadows, teeming wetlands.

You’ve visited Wisconsin’s Interstate Park. You’ve enjoyed and appreciated all that Wisconsin’s oldest state park has to offer.

You’ve hiked its scenic trails, climbed its massive boulders, peered into a mysterious pothole. You navigated the wild and scenic St. Croix River by boat or canoe. You’ve explored its shoreline and camped near its banks.

You’ve known the serenity thrills, wonder and deep satisfaction that experiencing this unique state park affords.

Now we invite you to become a friend of Interstate Park in a new way. You will join a group of folks who share your appreciation for Wisconsin Interstate Park, and who have banded together to help support the park’s education program in these ways:

  • To encourage people of all ages and abilities to participate in the education program.
  • To increase public awareness, knowledge, appreciation and stewardship of the park’s unique natural and cultural history, especially the forces and processes of Ice Age glaciation and how it shaped the land.
  • To promote participation in nature-based outdoor recreation.

Explore this website, and see how we are accomplishing these goals and find out the many opportunities you have to help.

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